Customized Steel Building Kits

Our experienced engineers will tell you if your design is good or if you need to modify it for safety reasons.

We can customize the inside and outside of your steel building with bathrooms or showers or kitchens to fit your needs.

You can add steel doors, beautiful windows or vents to your roof when you order a metal building from us.

Be sure you talk with a local engineer about a foundation before you begin construction.

Call your local building inspector to see of you need a variance or anything else before you begin to build.

Some people want the look of a sleek modern design while others prefer the good old fashioned look of years ago.

You'll see many of our covered riding arenas and horse barns as you drive through the country.

Aviation buildings need huge space to store parts for passenger planes, and we can design and build those giant hangers and garages for them.

Car rental agencies at airports like the convenience and fast build of metal prefab buildings.

Be sure to include everything you need within your building, like service elevators or stairways that need to be installed.

You will find that our plans will use every piece of steel and every screw and bolt you are sent.

You can put your prefab building together yourself or hire a local contractor to construct it for you.

Living near the ocean and in the path of hurricanes means your steel structure will have specific design features that are mandatory.

03/09/17 02:32:35 AM

Louvers that are adjustable can be planned for several spots on your roof.

03/07/17 11:43:17 PM

Whatever you need your metal building to look like, we can create the blueprint for it. The more sophisticated metal buildings you need, the more you can work with our design team to sketch it out for you.

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